PT. Rekayasa Cakrawala Resources

PT. REKAYASA CAKRAWALA RESOURCES (RECARE) established on July 27th 2006 in Jakarta owned by  PT. Rekayasa Engineering, a leading Engineering Company in Indonesia.
PT. RECARE is fully dedicated in Education Services, Training, Workshop, Seminar, Certification and Skill Manpower Supply.
PT. RECARE has prepared Professional Education / Training/ Workshop/ Seminar & Development supported by professional instructors which has world wide industries networking and giving National/ International Certificate accreditation.
In 2014, PT. RECARE develope their capability in providing engineering design services (Drafting services, 3D Modeling, Pipe Stress Analysis, etc.)




Seno Harsono


Gambar Tekla Structure

Contoh Gambar Str

Gambar Isometric

Contoh Plan to Is